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New Presentations:
Building Knowledge Interoperability
into GIS - Addressing the Language Challenge
Presentation to ESRI Regional User Conference, Vancouver, October 2004

Integrating Knowledge Representation
into GIS
  ESRI UC, San Diego, Aug 2004

LegendBurster is the first commercial system in the world to provide Semantic Net functionality in a modern GIS environment. 

Semantic Nets provide a more flexible representation of point, line and polygon attributes than flat database tables, and, depending on the data, often permit significantly more powerful querying capabilities than standard SQL. 

LegendBurster Semantic Nets are ideally suited for the management of:

  • Hierarchically structured information, such as scientific classification systems
    < View Example >

  • Open-ended lists of attribute values
    < View Example>

  • Features which are explicitly negated or declared to be absent <Explanation>

LegendBurster query results include scored partial matches in addition to exact query matches  -  often a critical advantage during exploratory data analysis  <Example>.  Weightings for the partial matches take into account the three data management issues mentioned above in a fully-auditable manner which includes an interactive explanation facility <Example>. 

Results-weighting algorithms are explained in a paper downloadble from this web site. < Read more .... >

LegendBurster is built around ESRI’s MapObjects technology.  It is available in versions ranging from a free Reader, which can view LegendBurster ontologies, semantic net descriptions and query results, to the most powerful "ArcGIS 8.x Add-In" edition, which can edit semantic nets and line-work.

LegendBurster includes a powerful Ontology Editor which allows for the development and exchange of standardized vocabularies in any discipline  -  an essential requirement for interoperable datasets.

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Using Hierarchical Structure to add Value to Maps

Canadian Soils Case Study

Click on the Wellington, Ontario soils map below to view our latest example of LegendBurster applications.

Canadian Geology Case Study

Click on the geological map (Milton Island area, Saskatchewan) below to view illustrations of how LegendBurster is used to analyse, represent, query and explain complex map-attribute data.

British Geology Case Study

Click on the geological map of North-East Cornwall below to see how LegendBurster adds value to maps using the 1999 hierarchical Rock Classification System of the British Geological Survey.

Free Download

Although still used in-house for consulting assignements, LegendBurster™ has been withdrawn from the market while its reasoning engine is being upgraded to conform to the emerging standards of the Semantic Web, and while it is being re-designd to operate independently of any single proprietary GIS system.

Until ESRI's upgrade of ArcGIS to Version 9, which was incompatible with Add-Ins developed for 8.3, LegendBurster used to be sold at the following prices:


Price* (Canada$/US$ )

Standalone C$600 ~US$400
ArcGIS 8x Add-In


~ US$800

For historical interest only, the previously marketed versions of LegendBurster can be downloaded by clicking on the Free Trial button in the left margin of this page.

Other Case Studies

The following case study data set may be downloaded from this web site:

  • Mineral Deposits of Far Eastern Russia, Alaska and the Canadian Cordillera [Read more ...]

System Documentation

Comprehensive HELP Documentation internal to the program is complemented by a  animated tutorial, which may also be viewed as a Flash Animation on this web site.

The details of the LegendBurster matching algorithms are explained here.



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