Query Example: Show all massive sulphide deposits existing in a continental margin setting. [pdf - one page]



Neither massive sulphide nor continental margin



Continental margin without massive sulphide



Massive sulphide not in continental margin


Massive sulphide in continental margin



LegendBurster Query:



As illustrated below, a number of the perfect matches to the query are recognized only by referring to classification hierarchies. Using LegendBurster’s comparison facility, it is possible to compare the query’s features to those of any of the map’s objects. Shown below is a comparison of the current query with a matching mineral deposit.



The comparison shows, in the “Match Type” column, that both matching attribute matches are “exactAKO” matches.  This means that they have “a kind of (AKO)” relationships to the values they match in the query.


Without the ability to refer to the classification hierarchies, which is not present in most GIS systems, the correct results to this query would not have been achievable.